Dad’s letter to Ernie from “Snowy Winnipeg”

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Snowy Winnipeg

Tuesday 19th

Hiya Snark & Snarkess!

I’ve just picked up you’re parcel and I’m made up, Everton Mints and New Brighton rock, boy are we going to enjoy watching TV tonight (we always have to have something to scoff). Mo hasn’t come in from work yet so I’m going to have her close her eyes and guess what it is, thanks a million Kids, we’re going to really enjoy them, we’ll give some rock to our Canadian friends, Wayne and Kathy, cos they’ve never had any, he’s a Forest Ranger and she’s a schoolteacher, we have a great time with them, they’re originally from Nova Scotia.

We all went tobogganing last Sunday in the park and on the largest shute was an old lady of about 70 really enjoying herself belting down the runs on her toboggan, we’re going again next weekend, it’s a fun game.

We have a couple of feet of snow laying around at the moment, the roads are all cleared but everywhere else is covered.

Well soft girl just came in so I made her sit down and keep her eyes shut and try to guess what you’d sent, needless to say she only needed one whiff to fail miserably, I had to open up the bar of rock and she still didn’t guess, I new [sic] what it was as soon as I saw the customs declaration (us Gorsedale kids are smart y’know), we’ll think of you all on each bite.

And now it can be told… I’ve just finished my tea – chicken and chips, Mo wasn’t feeling up to cooking a meal so I nipped up to the cafe and got a couple of take-out orders, or as they say over here “to go”.

At the moment I’m on the dole, the printing industry in Winnipeg is at a low ebb and firms have had to lay men off, it shouldn’t last too long – I hope.

I got the 4-aways up a couple of weeks ago but I’m still waiting for my cheque, four of us do the coupon each week and about 5 weeks ago we got 23 points, we’re still wondering how to spend the 9/- we received.

Talking about golf, I don’t suppose you’ve had any games lately have you? Next week on TV in “Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf” is a bloke from Hoylake, I don’t remember what his name is.

I’ve been enjoying Coronation Street since I’ve been on the dole, it’s on every day at 2.30pm. They’re up to the part where Harry Hewitt and Concepta go to live in Ireland, I’m waiting to see Jed Stone. There’s also a movie on at 12.30 every day and the one the other day was one you would have enjoyed Ern – “The Return of Zorro”. I’ve never seen such a load of old tripe in all my born days and it wasn’t even Louis Haywood it was some foreign twit with a dubbed voice.

Wednesday 9.22am

Well I’ve just got back after taking Mo to work and the weather is a bit on the rough side, it’s snowing and blowing, we have a huge snow bank outside our window, if it gets any deeper we won’t be able to see the street.

We went visiting Wayne and Kathy last night and I took them a slice of rock each, Kathy said she’ll take it to school to show the kids.

… So enough about us… let’s talk about youse (as they say in Scotty Road).

How is all the family? I hope you are your usual fit self, Peg, I expect the boys are running around with bruises and cuts of some kind, have you taught them to play “Ducks Off” yet, Ern? I fancy a touch of the “man behind Peggy!” myself, I still have the scars from the last game I had on the bricky in Florence Road.

How’s the new tunnel going alone? By the time we come for another visit it should all be finished.

When you write to Benito, give him my regards and tell him they’re fiendish those Chinese.

So in the words of the Immortal Dezzie Wharton “Ta-ra Seeyeragen”.

Thanks again for the rock and mints.

Cheers M & H

Everton for the League and Cup


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