What’s Mum’s Suitcase?

After my dad died in 2010, my sister was clearing out his house – the house we grew up in – and found a small suitcase in the loft. The case was full of stuff that Mum, who died in 1999, had saved, but had never mentioned. Letters, cards, postcards, photos, programmes from shows, even things like dry cleaning receipts from when she lived in America in the early sixties. I’m scanning it all in and posting it here.

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Postcard from Banff, September 1970


can2newSeptember 1970


Hi Dad

This is what we saw yesterday afternoon. We are now 38 miles away in a resort called Banff. Very beautiful, nestled in a valley with mountains all around. This morning we’re sightseeing on foot, later we plan on going for a canoe ride and then up in the chair lift. We weren’t able to go up in the cable car at Jasper yesterday cos it clouded over. We’re staying in a nice hotel called the “Homestead”. We’ll probably stay here for another day and night and then move on to Radium Hot Springs, where we hope to swim.

Love Mo & H