What’s Mum’s Suitcase?

After my dad died in 2010, my sister was clearing out his house – the house we grew up in – and found a small suitcase in the loft. The case was full of stuff that Mum, who died in 1999, had saved, but had never mentioned. Letters, cards, postcards, photos, programmes from shows, even things like dry cleaning receipts from when she lived in America in the early sixties. I’m scanning it all in and posting it here.

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Postcards from Canada: 9/67 – 12/67

Scanned Image 3

Scanned Image 711.9.67

Hi All

We arrived home at 7am. We spent Sat night and most of today in Crookston with Joe and Joanne. We covered 1836 miles, so it was really quite a trip. We don’t have to go to work till Tuesday so tomorrow we’ll have a rest day in the sunshine and then back to the grindstone.

Love Mo & H

Scanned Image 4

Scanned Image 2[…] 67

Hi Dad

Sorry I haven’t written to you for a while, but we’re still getting sorted in the new apartment. […] Hope you are all well and the weather has improved.

Love M & H

Scanned Image 5

Scanned Image 6December 1st 1967

Hi All

Nothing else to report, I just wanted to send these stamps. We’ll be leaveing after dinner today. We want to get back to the Peg before dark. I’ll write tomorrow.

Love Mo & H


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