What’s Mum’s Suitcase?

After my dad died in 2010, my sister was clearing out his house – the house we grew up in – and found a small suitcase in the loft. The case was full of stuff that Mum, who died in 1999, had saved, but had never mentioned. Letters, cards, postcards, photos, programmes from shows, even things like dry cleaning receipts from when she lived in America in the early sixties. I’m scanning it all in and posting it here.

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Postcards from Wyoming, September 1969

Scanned Image 25

Scanned Image 264 September 1969

Cody, Wyoming

Hi All

We’ve had a great day in Cody. We’ve been all around the Buffalo Bill Museum, fabulous place. We’ve had a swim and driven all around the town. We’re heading for … now. We’re spending the night then we’ll travel on to the Black Hills tomorrow. The weather is fab.

Love Mo & H

Scanned Image 27

Scanned Image 285 September 1969

Hi All

I’ve ticked of the places we’ve seen so far. We’ve been on highway 14 since leaving Yellowstone Park. You can follow our route on the map. We’re almost in the Black HIlls now so that’s where we’ll be spending the night.

Love Mo & H

Scanned Image 23

Scanned Image 245 September 1969

Sundance, Wyoming

Hi Kids

We’ve just stopped here for some food and drink. Uncle Harry wanted to see this place cos when he was young (in the olden days) he saw a film called The Sundance Kid, a Western, of course.

Love Aunty M & Uncle H


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