What’s Mum’s Suitcase?

After my dad died in 2010, my sister was clearing out his house – the house we grew up in – and found a small suitcase in the loft. The case was full of stuff that Mum, who died in 1999, had saved, but had never mentioned. Letters, cards, postcards, photos, programmes from shows, even things like dry cleaning receipts from when she lived in America in the early sixties. I’m scanning it all in and posting it here.

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Postcards from Canada, September 1970

Scanned Image 2

Scanned Image 5Saturday, 6 September 1970

Hi All

We arrived here 6pm (we gained an hour between here and Sask). It looks like a real nice city, we’ll be spending the night here and then tomorrow we’ll start hitting the real scenery. By the way, John, we haven’t forgotten your birthday and Barb, I haven’t forgotten your ashtrays.

Love Mo & H

Scanned Image 3

Scanned Image 6Sunday


Today we went up Grouse Mountain in a cable car and then went over the suspension bridge at Capilano Canyon. This place is just fantastic, scenery-wise. The weather is beautiful, sunny and warm. Tomorrow we’re going to Vancouver Island for two or three days.

Love Mo & H


Scanned Image 4

Scanned Image 77 September 1970

Hi Boys

We arrived here yesterday afternoon. Last night we camped out. I hated it. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe and I was terrified that the tent was going to collapse on me. Still I’m determined to get over it so will probably camp again tonight. We are just going to go to the top of a mountain on a chair lift.

M & H


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